Nutrition Workshops

Nutrition workshops are a fun, educational and interactive way to encourage your group to learn ways to live a healthier and better quality of life. Whether your goal is to improve workplace wellness or find out answers regarding the latest diet—Lalitha can provide an engaging presentation to suit the specific needs of your group. After delivering over a hundred presentations and workshops, Lalitha is a pro at facilitating small and large groups of people. Previous clients have included the Government of Alberta, University of Alberta Medical Residents, Diabetes Canada, Arthritis Society, Keyera Corporation, Paul Manning Hockey Camp and more!

Coffee Break Session

If you are crunched for time but still want a quick meaningful reminder about health and wellness goals than this is the ideal presentation for you. A coffee break session is a powerful 20-minute engaging presentation that will inspire participants about their lifestyle and health. Learn about the Top 5 nutrition and lifestyle habits that have the most profound effect on your health and wellness. 

Ketogenic Diet 

 Jill, your neighbour, lost 50 pounds following keto. Jack, at work, has been following keto too. Sound familiar? Curious about the ketogenic diet but not sure if it’s the right diet for you? Learn from a nutrition expert regarding the ins-and-outs of the ketogenic diet. Lalitha will guide you through the evidence and research regarding keto and discuss the pros and cons of this popular diet. 

Nutrition and Shift Work

One of the most highly sought-after presentations! Many individuals are aware that the risks for chronic disease and depression are higher in shift workers than non-shift workers. Learn practical health and lifestyle strategies to empower you to establish long-lasting habits to live a higher quality life. This dynamic session includes education on how shift work influences our health and biology. Lalitha will guide you through 10 impactful ways to improve your nutrition and health to help negate the effects of shift work. You don’t want your employees to miss out on this! 

 Meal Planning 

A significant part of managing your success with health is meal planning. Meal planning is a powerful skill that will help you achieve your health goals and reduce the stress in your life. Learn how to pair certain nutrients together to feel fuller, control weight and lower insulin. Gain knowledge on quick and easy meal ideas that you can create for yourself or your family. Lalitha will provide meal planning templates during this session for participants to meal plan and she will also provide sample meal plans to all participants. An African Proverb once said, “For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”. 

“Waist” Management 

The weight loss mantra of “eat less, work out more”  is something most people have heard time and time again. In fact, most clients that Lalitha counsels have insight on what they need to do change their weight.  So why is obesity on the rise in North America? Weight management is one of the most complicated areas of our health. This informative presentation provides insight on all the factors influencing weight and how you can move forward with tangible changes that have a long-lasting effect on your health. You might be surprised with Lalitha’s approach on weight management and what she recommends! 

 Anti-inflammatory Diet

Learn practical ways to reduce inflammation within your body by making better food choices. Lalitha will discuss the Western diet and educate participants on the most dangerous foods that increase inflammation and chronic disease. Lalitha will discuss 10 nutrition and lifestyle strategies that help decrease the body’s stress, lower inflammation and weight.


Ever had a nutrition question and wished you could talk to a credible dietitian instead of always using Google or asking your friends and family? Friends, family and Google can be great for certain things; but, accurate and credible nutrition information may not always be one of them. This session allows group participants to ask anything and everything nutrition related. With almost 15 years of clinical and primary care practice, Lalitha has a wealth of knowledge she can draw on to ensure your participants are getting the most up-to-date and evidence based information out there. Lalitha is no stranger to the hot seat as she was a health panelist for CTV’s Alberta Primetime for 8 years. This is a super fun and engaging session where the conversation is always interesting!

Is Gluten-free Right for Me?

Will cutting out gluten help me have more energy and lose weight? For some people, avoiding gluten is a necessity to help manage a gluten-sensitivity or an auto-immune disease known as celiac. However, avoiding gluten without understanding WHY can be dangerous and affect your health. Learn all about gluten—the good and potentially bad! Lalitha will also provide you with important information regarding proper testing prior to elimination of gluten. By the end of this presentation participants will understand WHAT gluten is and whether or not to include or exclude it from one’s diet.

Don’t see a workshop that peaks your interest? Lalitha can create and facilitate a unique workshop to meet the needs of your group.