"Lalitha is really going places; she’s ready for prime time!  The thing I like best is her obvious passion for nutrition. She is a Grade A Rock Star. "

Chef Michael Smith - Food Network Personality and Best-Selling Author


"I have done countless nutrition-related stories over the years. I know I can always count on Registered Dietitian Lalitha Taylor for a well-researched, eloquent and thoughtful interview, no matter what the topic may be.  I have never met a more passionate person when it comes to educating the average Joe about how to achieve a balanced diet. Lalitha is always eager to discuss any topic, and consistently offers realistic advice for any age, health condition or budget. Last year I had the pleasure of tagging along on one of Lalitha's grocery store tours with a group of seniors. Each person had a different dietary restriction or need, and Lalitha patiently and pleasantly answered all questions - suggesting practical, pension-friendly solutions. The seniors appreciated her expertise - and her big smile - and I know our viewers do too.  She is a wonderful advocate for attainable good health for all."

Su-Ling Goh - Global TV Edmonton Health Reporter


"Excellent and informative information. As difficult as it can be to hold a group of 16 and 17 year old hockey players attention, Lalitha more than accomplished it! She had the players engaged throughout her presentation on Athlete Nutrition and was exactly what my players needed! Lalitha explained the key points and importance of nutrition, gave them a wealth of information which combined ideas and practical solutions on how to easily implement changes in their meal planning to improve their performance -- including game day meal strategies and post game meals.  I'm very excited and happy to say my players are now implementing the new strategies and the results have been better performance on the ice!  Thank you very much Taylor Nutrition"

Craig Leibel - Head Coach for Midget AA Parkland Athletic Club Saints


"Lalitha spoke at 2 public forums hosted by The Arthritis Society.  Her expertise, enthusiasm and passion for nutrition is indeed inspiring and she engages the audience with facts, anecdotes, and personal experience.  Her interactive discussion with the attendees proves that they are involved - by the questions they ask and the fact that they are reluctant to leave once the presentation is over! Lalitha is professional yet caring and passionate.  We will certainly ask Lalitha to speak again and will recommend her to others!"

Leah Paquette - Program Coordinator for The Arthritis Society


"The Canadian Diabetes Association invited Lalitha to be part of the line-up of expert speakers at the CDA Expo 2016.  Lalitha is a highly knowledgeable registered dietitian with great abilities to simplify science-based nutrition recommendations into practical ideas.  Lalitha's cooking demonstration at the CDA Expo really empowered and educated the audience about healthy eating and diabetes.  She provided answers to nutrition and culinary questions from the audience, maintained a high level of energy through-out, and was motivational and keen to provide the best advice possible. Lalitha received many compliments on how she positively influenced the audience to make changes in their eating habits.  Her enthusiasm is contagious! We truly enjoyed having her at this expo and look forward to having her again as a part of future events."

Ana Medrano - Community Health Promotion Manager for Canadian Diabetes Association


"I attended Lalitha's awesome March 2017 community talk in Lacombe, AB -- educational, informative, humourous and captivating.  As a former educator, I was moved to share my observations regarding her presentation.

As a teen and adult woman who has struggled with weight management for most of my life, and now that I have reached the age of “maturity” I have personally discovered that there is so much more to health and wellness than a number on a scale.  Lalitha's focus on wellness and balance made a HUGE impact on me; her analogies of the 4-legged stool and the rock balance were captivators for me.  The legs of the stool are integral to the balance of life—the seat of the stool depicting mental and emotional health tugged at my heart strings.  Emotional “issues” we carry in our lives impact heavily on health and wellness.  Lalitha presented this so tactfully, so honestly and with humor.  Her message, however, came through LOUD and CLEAR.  Her presentational skills are in the superior category!!!!!

I have placed a copy of her slide of life wellness and balance with the 4-legged stool and its labels on my fridge to have a daily reminder for my family. I have an invigorating life journey beginning! Heartfelt thanks and hugs."

Darlene W.


"We partnered with Taylor Nutrition for a 'Waist Management 101' Lunch & Learn.  Lalitha’s energy was captivating and she shared meaningful information that our group definitely resonated with.  I was impressed with her balance of professionalism and relatability; she provided our group with some fantastic resources to take with them after the session and answered their questions with the utmost professionalism and care.  I highly recommend Lalitha and look forward to partnering with her again."

Erin Christensen - Human Resources Advisor for Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers